Mission and Vision

Everyone deserves a healthy home! That’s what we stand for.

Through support, we want to offer underprivileged adults, adolescents, and children (with various problems) a new opportunity. Whether it’s about debt or relational problems, everybody is welcome. We believe there is an answer to every question.

The specific aid requests of persons will be addressed through an action plan and then we will proceed with the necessary procedures and programs. When considered necessary, we will refer the persons to another (collaborating) organization that can help them further in an effective way. We try to not work separately from each and tackle all the help requests to the best of our abilities.  This ensures that the clients should not answer the same questions over and over again.

Motivation, empathy, respect, and reliability are our core values. We want to give everyone a fair chance and believe in the power of collaboration. We have a professional and experienced team that is willing to put their hands together to help others. We do expect extensive commitment from the clients themselves. Together we will utilize all available resources to solve their problems. Stichting `Steek je Hand Uit en Help je Naaste´ is committed to creating a harmonious society.