What we do

Our organization wants to do everything in her power to contribute to society. People in social need have no financial space for and/or are not interested in social activities. Social activities promote integration, unity, compassion and other social skills in the person which are essential to keep a neighborhood livable and safe.

For the aforementioned reasons, we organize all kinds of neighborhood activities, to offer the participants help, to urge and to encourage them to get more out of their lives and to make a positive contribution to give back to society.

We organize several activities to promote the development of people. The activities are such as:

  • Interactive activities
  • Educational activities
  • Social activities to promote social development (Sports Day, Camps, Karaoke, bowling, recreation)
  • Parades
  • Meetings for the elderly
  • Information activities about drugs, alcohol, sex, and crime (for students by students)
  • Organize meetings for people from neighborhoods where the average income is lower than the modest average
Social Service
We offer the following services and help:

  • Help with the writing of letters and making appointments with organizations
  • Help with finding employment or education
  • Help with budgeting
  • Help with contacting institutions or organizations (for example regarding arrangements or


  • Help with the filling in forms for official institutions
  • Psychological or emotional treatments (if necessary referring to a professional)
  • Help students with finding accommodation
  • Help to social foundations in other countries by means of basic necessities for their work area.
Target group
‘Stichting Steek je Hand uit en Help je Naaste’ is a foundation for young and old. Do you have a question that you can’t solve? You are at the right place. We don’t make distinctions of person, background or culture.
Together we go for it!