Who we are

Foundation Reach Out and Help Your Neighbor is a foundation that aims to offer help and support to persons who are in need of this, specifically people in social need. We started the foundation, in the year 2007, as a small group consisting of two families and some young people. We started by providing assistance to immigrant students and homeless youth with finding accommodation. From that time on, our work has expanded to helping all kinds of people with different (social) problems.

We work with experienced professionals on a freelance basis, who successfully provide support and guidance. A broad network gives us the ability to support and guide the people in different areas. We work with several foundations such as ‘Voedselbank Amsterdam’ (Foodbank Amsterdam), Serve India, Romania in action, the Syria-foundation and Back to Eden Honduras. We, as a team, are committed to helping people with different problems.

An important aspect of our organization is that we provide guidance and support to all kinds of people and make no distinction in background or culture. We want to help reduce stress and the problems of citizens and by doing this contribute to the general welfare of the Dutch society and indirectly the world in general. We assist in forming a society where people encourage, motivate and tolerate each other.